The Lytle Auditorium is a natural light photography and production studio at 4919 Belmont Road. The building
is beginning construction this month with work scheduled to be completed in late 2023. The owners are
Michelle and Robyn Lytle of Chicago, the couple behind a small event space, The Lytle House, in the
Edgewater neighborhood.

The Lytles are excited to relocate their family and open their newest venture in Downers Grove, which is
Michelle’s childhood hometown. With construction just getting underway, Michelle wanted to find a way to
bring art to the community instead of just a construction zone.

This commercial building will be the first ICF building in Downers Grove–ICF is environmentally friendly and
the most energy efficient building method on the market. It also just so happens to look like giant lego pieces
being joined together as the ICF blocks are stacked to frame the exterior walls. The Lytle’s oldest daughter,
Sunny, is a big fan of legos, and her love for the colorful blocks is what helped drive the art installation.
Each ICF block has been painted classic lego colors, and as the building starts to be assembled beginning in late
April, a real life lego building will be created.

The Lytle Auditorium construction site is visible to commuters riding the BNSF line at Belmont on the North
East side of the road and on the East side of Belmont just before Puffer Elementary School to anyone traveling
Northbound through the underpass. The structure is expected to remain Legos for about four weeks until it
receives its final cladding, concealing the bright colors forever.

For more information:

Michelle Lytle, Owner

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