Midwestern University’s Chicago College of Pharmacy is pleased to announce the creation of a new Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence on the Downers Grove Campus. Pharmacometrics involves the quantitative study of medication effects on both humans and animals. In-silico methods (e.g. computer modeling) are utilized to improve and refine approaches from preclinical studies through the clinical environment. Collaborative approaches are sought that pair clinicians and scientists committed to improving the health of people and animals utilizing the principles of One Health.   

The Pharmacometrics Center at Midwestern University will design innovative strategies to maximize the safety and effectiveness of medication therapies for patients. The Center will focus on personalized and precision medication approaches to optimize efficacy and safety of medications. The establishment of the Center is in response to a growing demand for therapies that are tailored to the individual patient. The Center is in line with the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) initiative to move away from the “one size fits all” approach to medication in favor of customized treatments that take into account differences in patients’ genes, environments, and lifestyles.

The Pharmacometrics Center at Midwestern University engages expert faculty from the Chicago College of Pharmacy to conduct significant research studies utilizing advanced laboratories and facilities. “I am very fortunate to work with such a scientifically accomplished and diverse team of scientists and clinicians. Our team will certainly make therapies of the future safer and more effective,” said Marc H. Scheetz, Pharm.D., M.Sc., Director of the Pharmacometrics Center of Excellence, and Professor, Chicago College of Pharmacy.

Dr. Scheetz indicates that the Center will work with private and public stakeholders to achieve their mission. The Center is skilled in conducting preclinical studies, innovating in drug development, developing computer modeling, and optimizing clinical trials. The Center will also create additional educational opportunities for pharmacy students and help develop the next generation of clinicians and scientists through advanced pharmacometric education. Those interested in more information about the Center can visit: www.midwestern.edu/PCE  or email: MWUPCE@midwestern.edu.

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